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• Libration HS- Brooklyn - Science Lab Upgrade

• IS 301-Bronx - Library Upgrade

• PS 22-Staten Island - Reinforcing Cinder labs&floors

• PS 37-Queens - Auditorium Upgrade

• PS 5-Manhattan - School safety and electrical upgrade

• PS 149 Annex-Brooklyn – Window Replacement

• PS 20-Queens - Safety Systems and Electrical Upgrade

• IS 235-Queens – Science Lab Upgrade

• Bread & Roses HS-Manhattan - Auditorium Upgrade

• PS 114-Queens - Science Lab Upgrade

• JHS 47-Manhattan- Students Toilets Upgrade

• IS 226-Queens - Containerization

• Evander Child HS-Bronx – Library Upgrade

• PS 44-Staten Island- Flood Elimination

…And many more, Columbia University-Manhattan, PS 169-Queens, JHS 167-Manhattan, District office 13-Brooklyn, Manhattan Center for Math and Science, PS 274-Brooklyn, JHS 8-Queens, JHS 166-Brooklyn, PS 69-Queens, Aviation HS-Queens, Julia Richman HS-Manhattan, PS 127-Queens, PS 46-Queens, PS 121-Queens, PS 130-Manhattan, PS 48-Bronx, PS 75-Bronx, PS 65-Bronx, DOE-Headquarter-Brooklyn, PS 49-Bronx, PS 39-Brooklyn, PS 59-Manhattan, PS 3-Queens, HSTAT-Brooklyn, PS 8-Staten Island, Wingate HS-Brooklyn, PS 110-Manhattan….many more.

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